Up your expertise & creativity with Pro-Stitcher Designer!

Up your expertise & creativity with Pro-Stitcher Designer!

16th Feb 2024

Welcome back everyone!

It’s been busy here at The Quilting Connection … introducing the APQS machines, our anniversary sale, holding a demo day for the Laurastar ironing/steam generation systems, the quilt show in West Bend, in-person classes in Appleton and Elkhorn … time to catch my breath!

One of the ways I like to relax is spending a little quiet time quilting on one of our longarm machines. And while I like using ‘simple’ Pro-Stitcher edge-to-edge designs; I LOVE mixing things up by creating my own designs in Pro-Stitcher Designer.

Have you explored the creative opportunities available in Designer? If you haven’t, allow me to give you a brief introduction!

What is Pro-Stitcher Designer?

Basically, Pro-Stitcher Designer™ is an additional software program that allows you to design and edit your own custom digital quilting motifs and patterns from scratch. You can customize, export and import pretty much anything you can imagine!

And because Designer is a full-featured, vector-based drawing software, you can create your own digital quilting files, printed pantographs or stencils.

While many of you use Pro-Stitcher for your computerized quilting, Designer works with file formats supported by other longarm companies as well. That includes the APQS Quilt Path longarm quilting software.

How does Designer work?

Pro-Stitcher Designer™ mimics the look and feel of Pro-Stitcher Premium. It uses the “Tab,” “Ribbon,” “Sidebar” functionality that so many of you are already familiar with.

And because you can activate the software on two different devices, you can import designs from your Pro-Stitcher tablet, work on them on your personal computer, and then export them back to your Pro-Stitcher when you’re ready to quilt! Talk about convenient!

What can you do with Designer?

So much! Here’s a sampling of this amazing software’s functionality. You can …

  • Create designs using the draw tools. Options include Pencil, Line, Curve, Arc and Bezier tools, and artwork tools that allow you to draw simple closed shapes with the click and drag of your mouse.
  • Customize, edit and merge existing designs.
  • Fine-tune your customizations by using design points and anchors.
  • Replicate quilt designs from artwork using Trace tools.
  • Draw original quilt patterns using Autoshapes.
  • Create a design by simply importing a backdrop design with the Auto Digitizing tool. The software will do the drawing for you!
  • Repeat a motif using the Carousel and Reflect features.
  • Simplify drawing designs by using customizable grids … there’s even a diagonal grid option.
  • Create text designs by simply using the Text Tool. This feature converts any True Text font into a stitchable design.
  • Add effects easily by filling your designs with automatic options, including stipple and crosshatch.
  • Preview how repeated designs fill your quilting space, allowing you to create your own unique edge-to-edge layouts.

And there’s more …

  • Designer’s user interface makes it easy to learn and use.
  • A detailed user manual, tutorials and videos provide full user support.
  • LIFETIME program updates are included for FREE.

That’s a lot, right? And I’m just scratching the surface!

It’s impossible to describe all the exciting features of Pro-Stitcher Designer in a single post and, like I mentioned above, Pro-Stitcher does a great job of providing helpful tutorials and videos.

But what if I told you The Quilting Connection is hosting a three-day training opportunity next week that will provide you with the knowledge and interaction you need to shorten your learning curve, build your expertise and confidence, and boost your computer-based quilting to the next level!

What’s even better is that this training opportunity is being offered over Zoom, so ANYONE located ANYWHERE can participate!

Pro-Stitcher Designer class details!