Want to make your Handi Quilter experience even better?

Want to make your Handi Quilter experience even better?

31st Aug 2023

Welcome back, everyone!

Just a quick reminder. Both Appleton and Elkhorn locations will be closed for the Great Wi Quilt Show 9/6/23 - 9/9/23

In several of the last posts, I’ve shared lots of information about the various Handi Quilter longarm machines. But did you know that there are several accessories that will enhance your quilting experience?

Now I’m not going to go into detail on every one of these products, but I’ve chosen a few that regularly make our “most popular” list. And, if you happen to be interested in one or more of these items, you might want to read on to the end of this post …

First, let’s look at some of the basic longarm accessories.

The Quick Zip System

Whether you’re a renter or an owner, you know the Quick Zip System™ is The Quilting Connection’s easy way of loading quilts on a frame!

Regardless of which frame you chose for your longarm system, we have the right zipper system to fit it. We also offer several options for purchasing zipper sets. The most common are the Quick Zip Renter set, the Quick Zip Standard Machine set, and the Quick Zip Standard Quilt set.

The Quick Zip Renter set contains one quilt set (or three zipper halves) and a detailed instruction guide showing how to pin the zippers to your quilt.

The Quick Zip Standard Machine set is the set you need when you initially purchase your longarm system. It contains the three-zipper set that is sewn to your canvas leaders as well as the three zipper halves that attach to your quilt back and top prior to loading. It also contains a detailed instruction guide explaining how to install and use the system.

Finally, the Quick Zip Standard Quilt set contains only one quilt set (or the three zipper halves). Purchasing multiple sets allows you to have more than one quilt pinned in advance and ready to load on your longarm.

For more information on purchasing the Quick Zip System™, please see the Quick Zip System page on our website.


Quilters are notorious for building their stash of fabrics, but what about that thread collection? You’ve got to have the right color to accent each of the quilt tops you complete, right?

Well, the more colors of thread you have, the more bobbins you need!

Have you considered jazzing up your collection by purchasing the HQ Purple Bobbin Kit? The kit contains a free bobbin box loaded with 30 gleaming purple bobbins! Add a little fun to your quilting!

Check out the Bobbins & Needles page of our website for more information.


And yes, you can complete your quilts using the standard foot that came with your machine, but there are other options that can make your quilting easier or will be a better fit for the type of quilting you want to do.

Have you considered the Handi Quilter Glide Foot? If you rent machine time from us, you know that’s the basic foot of choice for us. The Glide Foot 2 is meant to help the hopping foot glide over raised designs (e.g., appliques) or even thick seams. Shaped like a mini cereal bowl, it also extends out and protects your fingers when you need to manipulate the fabric as you’re quilting.

Another helpful foot is the HQ Square Foot. This foot comes in a set of two. There is a ¼ inch foot and a ½ inch foot. The ¼ inch foot is especially helpful if you add your binding while your quilt is still on the frame. Both can also be used to echo straight lines while free motion quilting.

And speaking of free motion quilting, you can also do some awesome echoing of any design shape with the assistance of the Handi Quilter Echo Feet Kit. This set contains three feet allowing you to reproduce stitching at 3/8 inch, ½ inch, and ¾ inch intervals.