Thread choice ... what's right for your quilt?

Thread choice ... what's right for your quilt?

29th Sep 2023

Welcome back everyone!

We’re just wrapping up an excellent week of in-person training with national Handi Quilter educator Waynna Kershner. One of the highlights of her free motion quilting class was demonstrating how using different threads can really make your background fill quilting pop!

That got me thinking about the role that thread plays in quilting in general. Even when you’re doing edge-to-edge quilting, thread choice can be a major consideration. Do you choose a contrasting color to make the quilting design standout? Or do you use a thread color that blends in with the colors of your quilt top so focus stays on your fabric choice or the piecing?

Of course, various factors go into your choice of thread. First and foremost, you want high quality thread. Some quilters prefer cotton thread while others prefer polyester. Then there’s the weight of the thread to consider. And the obvious, color!

The Quilting Connection uses and sells only the highest quality thread. Our supplier is Superior Threads. And I’ve chosen to explore four lines of their thread in this post: So Fine!, Magnifico, Fantastico and OMNI. I also want to introduce one of their specialty threads, Vanish.

Superior Threads

Superior Threads was started by Bob and Heather Purcell in 1998. In 2016, they joined the Premier Needle Arts family. Today, Superior Threads is proud to provide dozens of the quilting industry’s most popular products.

But creating a high-quality product is only part of Superior’s mission. They also lead the industry in thread and needle education. You can find numerous articles, videos and guides under the Education tab of Superior Threads’ website. They want quilters to understand what makes a high-quality product and how to achieve success using it.

I love it when our suppliers share our belief in education! Now let’s check out some of that great thread.