Checkout Handi Quilter's Moxie and the Pro-Stitcher Lite!

Checkout Handi Quilter's Moxie and the Pro-Stitcher Lite!

7th Jul 2023

Welcome back everyone!

The post before last, I began explaining the Handi Quilter longarm machines available to you. That first post covered your stationary longarm options.

Today I’m going to pick up with Handi Quilter’s Moxie longarm. It is the smallest movable longarm option, but it still offers you a full range of quilting possibilities!

The HQ Moxie 15

The Moxie is the latest addition to Handi Quilter’s line of movable longarm machines.

It offers a 15-inch throat space. That’s three times the space most domestic sewing machines give you!

While the Moxie may be Handi Quilter’s smallest longarm, it still allows you to configure your system to handle free-motion, pantograph or computerized quilting options.

Basic machine features include:

  • Choice of Cruise or Precision stitch regulation as well as Manual Mode,
  • Speeds up to 1,800 stitches per minute,
  • Consistent stitch quality with a range of 4-18 stitches per inch,
  • Ruler & open-toe feet plus compatibility with all interchangeable HQ Feet, and
  • Built-in LED light ring to illuminate your quilting space.

Three frame options are available for the Moxie. The standard option is the 8-foot HQ Loft Frame. But if your space is limited, the 5-foot HQ Little Foot Frame may be the answer. If you have more space, the standard 8-foot Loft Frame easily upgrades to a 10-foot frame.

Depending on the type of longarm quilting you want to do, you may need to add additional features.

  • If you want to do pantograph-based quilting, you need to add the Quilt from the Back option.
  • If computerized quilting is your goal, you need to add the Pro-Stitcher Lite.

Regardless of which configuration you choose, your Moxie comes with our free training and Handi Quilter’s 5/10-year warranty.

If you’re thinking about doing computerized quilting on your Moxie, let me tell you about …

HQ Pro-Stitcher Lite