Batting - That middle layer matters!

Batting - That middle layer matters!

16th Sep 2023

Phew! It’s been a busy two weeks!

And I want to start with a huge THANK YOU to everyone who was able to visit and support us at The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show in Madison last week. Thanks to all of you, the show was a great success!

Now I know not all of you were able to make it to Madison, but remember, our Quick Zip System™ and Handi Quilter products are still 15% off through September 20th. Just enter the code Madison15 when entering your online order!

NOTE: This offer cannot be combined with any other specials.

Today I’d like to share some information about an important but less frequently talked about quilting component … batting.

What’s so important about batting?

This unseen layer hidden between your quilt top and backing can dramatically change the look and feel of your quilt. And it can impact its longevity as well!

But there are several choices when it comes to batting, so how do you determine which one is best for a particular quilt? Here are some things to consider.

What is the purpose of your quilt? Is it a baby quilt that’s going to be used and washed regularly? Is it a wall hanging? Is it a cuddle quilt for lounging on the couch? Or is it an heirloom that will be treated with white gloves?

How puffy do you want your quilt? Is it a wall hanging that needs to be fairly flat, so it hangs well and is easy to view? Or is it a quilt that should be soft and warm when you wrap up in it on a cold winter’s night?

Is cost a factor? Like with most everything you buy, the materials used in the batting will impact its price.

Let me introduce you to The Quilting Connection’s batting supplier. Then I’ll explain the options available to you as they relate to the questions listed above.

Meet Loft Supply

Formed in 2015 by David and Sherry Mark, Loft Supply started out by offering quilters quality batting choices and expertise not typically found in local shops. In late 2018, they acquired American Fiber Products.

Today they offer superb batting expertly manufactured in the USA! Their suppliers are carefully chosen to ensure that your batting is made from the best quality raw materials using state-of-the-art technology.

Loft Supply’s message to quilters, “we value the art of quilting and want to do our part to ensure that your finished product looks and feels as special as the effort you put into your beautiful creation.”

Your Batting Options

We offer cotton, polyester, and bamboo batting as well as a variety of blends. All our batting is sold by the roll or by the yard at our 2 locations. 

For a detailed list including batting width and price information, please see the chart following the batting descriptions.

Cotton Batting

Our cotton batting is made from long staple cotton fibers that give your quilts the perfect antique, old-fashioned look and feel of the past. Stitch distance can be up to 10” apart.

Cotton is known for being soft, breathable, and easy to work with. It’s a natural fiber and can be a great choice when your quilt top and backing are also made from cotton fibers. It does shrink when washed, creating that crinkly old-fashioned look.

Loft Supply’s White Cotton batting is perfect for quilt tops using primarily white or light, softer colored fabrics. It is made from 100% cotton that is bleached, then washed and dried using a process that removes any chemicals. The resulting shrinkage rate is 1-3%.

The Natural Cotton batting contains no chemicals. It is not run through the bleaching process, leaving its natural color. The resulting shrinkage rate is 3-5%.

Polyester Batting

Our 4-oz polyester batting has a loft of about ¼” thickness. It is ultra soft and flexible. This batting machine washes and dries beautifully. It will help fill in quilt tops that have more stretch or fullness. Recommended stitch distance is 8”-10” apart.

Polyester batting is one of the most economical options from a price standpoint. Its shrinkage is minimal, and it dries quickly. This will be the warmest batting because polyester will hold in your body heat.  A potential downside is that it doesn’t wick away moisture like natural fibers do.

Loft Supply’s 100% Polyester batting has a shrinkage rate of <1%.

Bamboo Batting

Our 100% bamboo batting is exceptionally soft! Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties and is made from the most sustainable natural fibers. There is no bleaching or chemicals used in processing our bamboo batting. Stitch distance can be up to 8” apart.

Bamboo is a greener alternative to quilt batting. While both cotton and bamboo are natural fibers, bamboo is more quickly renewable. It is super soft and produces a beautiful drape. It is very easy to work with and has a shrinkage rate of about 1-3%. On the downside, bamboo is more expensive.

Batting Blends

80/20 Cotton/Poly Batting

Our natural comfort blended batting is made with 80% long staple cotton and 20% soft polyester. It contains no chemicals and no bleaching. Stitch distance can be up to 10” apart.

Many quilters consider 80/20 their go-to batting, and it is often recommended for beginning quilters because it is so easy to work with. This blend is breathable and wicks moisture.

Loft Supply’s 80/20 batting has a shrinkage rate of 3-5%.

60/40 Black Cotton/Poly Batting

Loft Supply’s 60/40 Black Cotton/Poly batting is perfect for quilt tops using primarily black or dark colored fabrics.

Similar to our 80/20 blend, the 60/40 batting is made with 60% long staple cotton and 40% soft polyester. Stitch distance can be up to 10” apart. This batting has a shrinkage rate of 3-5%.

50/50 Cotton/Bamboo Batting

Our cotton/bamboo batting is a beautiful blend providing you with the best of two natural, renewable fibers. It is made with long staple cotton and the softest bamboo with no chemicals and no bleaching. Stitch distance can be up to 8” apart.

Combine the anti-bacterial benefits of bamboo with the flat, antique look of cotton and you get a beautiful, soft, lovely drape to your finished quilt.

Loft Supply’s 50/50 cotton/bamboo batting has a shrinkage rate of <5%.

Width Options and Pricing

The chart below shows the pricing for each type of batting The Quilting Connection offers.

All batting is sold in 25-yard rolls. Note the width and weight as specified on the chart.

NOTES: The 100% Polyester 6-oz batting is currently unavailable.

Loft Supply is coming out with hemp batting. We should have details & samples soon!

We order batting by the truckload every 4-6 weeks.

We try to carry some batting in stock; however some batting will NOT readily available for purchase.

If you are interested in being notified when we order, email The Quilting Connection and put “Add me to truckload batting notifications” in the subject line.

Batting orders are for local pickup from either our Appleton or Elkhorn shops.

If you do want it shipped to you, it will add an extra charge of $50-$100 per roll to your order.

Wholesale batting requires a business name.

If tax exemption applies, please email us your resale number.

Okay, I think that’s everything on batting, but I do have one more event reminder!

Customer Appreciation Day

If you live in the Appleton area, be sure to stop by the shop on Friday, September 22nd.