A new product line! Laurastar steam generators & irons!

A new product line! Laurastar steam generators & irons!

4th Aug 2023

Big news everyone!

Rick and I are happy to announce that The Quilting Connection is offering a new product line that will enhance the piecing and professional look of your finished quilts!

Introducing the Laurastar lift steam generator and ironing systems!

If you’re unfamiliar with Laurastar, it is a Swiss brand with a single focus: always exceed the highest expectations.

For over 40 years, this family-owned company has built its products to last. Design is paramount, providing elegant and ergonomic ironing systems. And because innovation is key, Laurastar’s research team has produced high-tech solutions that revolutionize ironing techniques.

The ironing and quilting connection

What’s the big deal about pressing while you’re quilting? It’s actually a crucial step to integrate throughout your quilt-making process.

After all, accuracy is key to quilting. And pressing is one of the components that ensures accuracy.

First, pressing your fabric prepares it for cutting. Removing wrinkles and having a flat, crisp surface is critical to cutting accurate pieces that will fit properly together.

When piecing, setting your blocks by pressing them first on the wrong side allows your stitches to sink into your fabric by relaxing both the fabric and thread.

And with your stitching stabilized, your blocks will press open with less distortion and flatter seams. They will also be easier to join.

Finally, carefully pressing your completed top will ensure seam allowances lay flat and in a consistent direction. The result: a smooth, crisp finished quilt ready to longarm.

So, let’s make all that pressing as easy and effective as possible!

Introducing the Laurastar Lift Steam Iron

The Lift Steam Iron is Laurastar’s first portable 3-in-1 steam generator. It irons, steams and purifies your fabrics.

Features include:

  • the ability to iron on a traditional board or steam fabric directly on a hanger,
  • a professional iron and steam system resulting in perfection in a single movement regardless of fabric or color,
  • unique ergonomic design providing easy movement and storage,
  • quick startup time so you’re ready to iron or steam in only 5 minutes,
  • Laurastar’s Dry Microfine Steam (DMS) system which eliminates dust mites, bacteria & fungi,
  • dual-shut-off mode (10-minute auto-shut-off or continuous-on modes), and
  • anti-scale filter and protective soleplate for delicate fabrics.

For more details, please see the Laurastar page on our website.

Special BONUS Offer!

Handi Quilter believes in Laurastar too! Just checkout their August special!

If you purchase a HQ Amara Stationary machine, an Amara 20 or 24, an Infinity 26 or the Pro-Stitcher Premium computer system from August 4th through the 25th, Handi Quilter will include the Laurastar Lift system for free! Want to know more? Click here!

Enjoy the ease and efficiency that a premium ironing system adds to your quilting experience!

By the way, Laurastar offers even more options. Checkout the …

Laurastar Go Plus

The Go Plus includes an iron and the Laurastar DMS as well as an active ironing board featuring a vacuum and fan system.

The vacuum feature makes it easier for fabric to stay flat on the board, allowing you to iron creases out effortlessly.

The fan system automatically holds fabric in place on the board and creates an air cushion to prevent the formation of unwanted creases.

And for an even more sophisticated ironing experience, checkout the …

Laurastar Smart Systems

The Laurastar Smart line ventures into intuitive ironing, transforming your system into an expert assistant!

State-of-the-art technology provides a motion sensor to release steam, one ideal temperature setting, and ironing coaching and maintenance alerts via the Laurastar app.

Again, please see the Laurastar page of our website for more details on any of these systems.

Interested in seeing this innovative ironing system in action?

We’re featuring a LIVE Laurastar demonstration

at our Appleton location on

Wednesday, August 9th at 11:00 AM!

Join us and see how this ironing system can

take your quilting to the next level!

Well, that’s it for this post! I hope you’re as excited about our new addition as we are!

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