Handi Feet

Accessory Feet by Handi Quilter

  • HQ Felting Foot Kit

    HQ Felting Foot Kit

    Use the Handi Felting Foot Kit to transform your HQ longarm into a felting machine with infinite possibilities! No thread required to felt wool and silk fibers into appropriate base fabrics. *NOT COMPATIBLE WITH HQ INFINITY*

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  • Handi Feet Micro Foot

    Handi Feet Micro Foot

    The Handi Quilter  Micro Foot is ideally designed for micro quilting, stippling, and thread painting. The Micro Foot also provides precise access to the quilting area when working with embellishments. The base of the foot will allow a clear view of...

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  • Handi Square Feet

    Handi Square Feet

    Square Feet are designed to aid in achieving straight seams while piecing on your quilting frame. These feet can be used as a guide for consistent seam allowances of 1/4″ and 1/2″. The 1/4-inch Square Foot is great for cotton fabrics, the...

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  • Sure Foot

    Sure Foot

    A taller profile foot, use for added stability when working with rulersIf your machine isn’t already fitted with the Handi Feet mount, you need to purchase the Handi Conversion Kit to upgrade your machine to use the Handi Feet.

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  • Handi Glide Foot 2

    Handi Glide Foot 2

    The Handi Quilter Glide Foot 2 is meant to help the hopping foot glide over any designs that are raised up like an applique or even thick seams on a quilt top.  The glide foot looks like a small cereal bowl around the hopping foot to help prevent...

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  • Echo Feet

    Echo Feet

    The Echo Feet Kit is a set of three feet, each fitted with an acrylic ring that extends the width of the hopping foot. The feet provide a fixed interval to use when echo quilting around a motif or using rulers...

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  • Handi Feet Conversion Kit

    Handi Feet Conversion Kit

    Handi Feet Conversion Kit The Handi Feet Conversion kit provides everything necessary to convert any HQ quilting machine to be able to use the new interchangeable Handi Feet. Also included in the conversion kit are the Ruler Handi Foot and the...

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  • Handi Feet Couching Kit

    Handi Feet Couching Kit

    Handi Feet Couching Kit The Handi Feet Couching Kit includes three sizes of interchangeable couching feet: 1.5mm, 2mm, and 3mm. You’ll have just the right size foot for adding couched embellishments using a variety of specialty threads, fibers,...

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